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Becca is 13 months old. Her heart issues weren't discovered until she was six months old. We had originally went to Mayo to get a diagnosis for her CMTC (we had suspected it based on the research I had done and her previous diagnosis). The dermatologist that diagnosed her had ordered and echo. as a precautionary measure. That is when they found her three holes. None of her doctors had heard a murmur before that but have since heard it. My thought is that they are now just listening more closely for it since they know her diagnosis. My brother also has a hole in his heart and it wasn't diagnosed until his was a young adult. His was diagnosed when he went into heart failure and because there has been so much damage prior to his diagnosis it can't be repaired. From people I have talked to there are a lot of people who do have holes that don't know it. The problem is that by the time most are diagnosed there is already damage. Becca's were diagnosed before she had any damage and will be watched very closely so that her heart doesn't become damaged. We are very thankful!
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