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Default Looking For a DR. In Dallas TX Need Referal Please

Hi I really need some help to make a long story short. I have gone to 4 dr and 1 Ctscan 2 mri's and lots of money well its alot for me. I have Vascular Malformation in my right cheek I am 47 so mine a late bloomer. I have a so call very rare case. Removal is out they are saying am needing Sclerotherapy done and there is no Dr in Dallas who does this type. There is 4 cyst like deep in the soft tissue mass so because of many and location I was told they are still looking for someone close to Dallas. Now its been 3 weeks and this thing is really can be painfull and very uncomfortable. If anyone knows of one Dr in my area or close by please let me know. Seem they just have me in circles its been 3 month now and nothing done yet.

Thanks Billie
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