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Default Engaged! Anyone covered an entire arm in makeup before??

My boyfriend surprised me two weeks ago and proposed!

I've started thinking about the dress... my PWS is all over my hand/arm/back, and I really don't want a dress with sleeves (kind of in love with a strapless ballgown right now). Has anyone had success in covering such a large area with makeup that stayed put for half a day?
I'm not sure about long gloves, I think I'd rather leave it showing or have it fully covered than have it obviously half-covered.
In terms of leaving it showing... it's a big part of me, it's influenced who I am and who I was growing up, and I don't make a huge effort to cover it every day so my fiance, in-laws, and the rest of their family know about it and just don't pay attention to it.
In terms of covering it up... it's supposed to be a fantasy day, right? (lol)

Any experience? Thoughts?
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