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Default newly diagnosed @ 36 with VM in arm

I have recently been diagnosed with a vascular malformation in my tricep. I have finally been refered to an interventional radiologist. My doctor seems to think it is not typical to have as much pain as I am having with this lesion. I started having trouble with this arm when I was about 16. I had another bad episode when I was 21 and then the last 2 years it has caused me alot of trouble. July 29 I had a surgical biopsy by a orthopedic oncologist. Over the years I have been misdiagnosed with every thing from tendonitis, bursitis, torn tricep. My interventional radiologist is a pediatric guy. He says.... " well kids don't usually have this much pain." He wants to do scelerotherapy but says he doesn't want to do anything until the pain from the sugery subsides and I keep trying to exlain that it hurt the same before surgery. Does anyone else have crazy pain with there vascular malformation?
I am a dog groomer and I have had so much pain I could not even finish one dog. 2 weeks ago I was fired and replaced at my job. It has been terrible. I have lost my insurance because it has taken so long for them to diagnose me properly. I have a workers comp claim on my arm due to exacerbation. Has anyone ever had a workers comp claim on their VM?
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