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i really can't say. when i am sick the pain is horrible and i can hardly move. sharp pain makes me wanna pass out. My left ear always feels like i'm gonna get a fever.

presently i have problems with the left side of my neck, shoulder back. sometimes the pain winces all the way down the elbow. I feel like someone is shoving a steel rod threw my shoulder blade threw to the chest. Pinching, burning with my neck. I drive alot. automatic. Curvy road. but even when i take the bus or taxi i am still having constant problems that is sometimes worse at night. i also get headaches, bad enough i can barely function.

My doctor is beginning to question if it has something to do with my birthmark. now it could be anything from the arthritis, muscles spasms. i've had my neck xrayed years ago but the neck is more straight when the bone should be curved. but again, while i get spasms on the right side its mostly the left these days. I am hoping MRIs will rule out any vascular problems.

Personally i think i just need a really good massage lol
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