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OMG! Yes, driving is the worst! I went to the extent of having to buy a manual car. But just riding in the car for any length of time is horrible. I took a drive for 3 hours a couple of weeks ago and I had to imediatly lay down and take some vicodin for the pain. It almost makes ya sick. I keep telling the doctor that but he says that is not typical to have pain with a vm. I always say it feels like a burning and someone is driving a rail road spike into my tricep. That is not what I am reading after finding this site. Mine is in my tricep but it kinda pinches in my neck and shoulder, I think because it puts pressure on the ulnar nerve.

I am adicted to massage to get some temporary relief! It is a must!

Thanks for the reply! It makes me feel like I'm not a nut case!
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