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you could still be a nut case lol. My caburater refused to idle so i had to keep one foot on the gas all the time, brake with the other and alternate between netural an second gear and it really did a number on me. very dependent on the car so didn't really have a choice kinda dangerous to drive like that but i got it fix

yes something puts pressure on the nerves to cause that pinching, right at the base of the neck, shoulder. sometimes our bodies react differently.

i went to my doc today. oh damn i got meds i think is hitting me. just took the nightime one if i sleep that will be great but i know i still gotta find someone to rub out some of the tension. ohhhh sweet a med that finally might knock me out. ok no doggys sleeping in my room tonight. the bed is mine all mine. better be not 3am wake up call from doggies. don't have to drive tomorrow sweeeet
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