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Be glad you are in Florida. We live in South Dakota and it gets really cold for Becca. We didn't suspect heart issues. We aren't really sure why the echo was ordered. The dermatologist may have heard a murmur and ordered it or she may have just done it as a precaution (that is what she told us at the time). The temperature issue does get better as they get older. Becca is already much better at regulating her body temperature. At times last year her temperature fell as low as 89 degrees. Most of the time she stays around 95 degrees now (it was higher in the summer). Becca has also had hearing issues which we have no answers for. They can't even tell us what is going on with her because on hearing tests she comes out just below normal but goes for long stretches of time without responding to sound. The other thing is that Becca had also had limb length/girth differences but these have resolved. She currently gets speech services for communication issues.
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