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Hi Brookedorris, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. Your daughters stork marks/angel kisses/salmon patches do look similar to my sons although I would say my son's were slightly more extensive as they covered the whole of his nose and upper lip, as well as his forehead and both eyelids as you can see in his pic at a day old. I hope it reassures you to know the fading has occured without any laser treatment or any other type of treatment what-so-ever. Just time and patience He is 16 months old now and his marks continue to fade, most of the time they are hardly visible to me and I expect to other people (who aren't his Mum!) they are invisible! They still show up when he cries, gets too hot, too cold, is ill or teething. I've heard this can be the case even into adulthood but it is really not a problem at all and they soon fade again. I will dig out a recent photo for you and post asap. I hope it helps you. Best of luck with parenthood LRL
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