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My DD was born with a hemangioma on her hand, which the OBGYN and multiple pediatricians at the hospital said was a port wine stain, and that it would not go away. Then, her pediatrician that we chose to be her doctor said it was a port wine stain that would fade over time, very confusing. Then, I found VBF. What peace of mind this amazing group has provided.

We got in touch with Dr Stuart Nelson, a port wine stain expert, who told us it was most likely a hemangioma. We subsequently got a referral from our ped to see a pediatric dermatologist who specializes in vascular birthmarks. Fortunately for DD, her hand H is superficial, and we have opted to do "watch and wait". I've posted photos in another thread... "hemangioma on hand".

Here is the link, not sure if it will work:

She is a year old now, and I am still happy with our decision to watch and wait (of course had her hemangioma been different in its condition, then we would have pursued other options). It continues to fade, although still visible, and her hand is a little puffier than the other side. No issues with function/use of the hand and we've never had any ulcerations.

Best wishes to you, and welcome!
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