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Default Hi I'm Chris - 16 years old

I've been diagnosed with this condition about 2 years ago.I
Live in Australia and was diagnoses with the help of the doctors
At royal childrens hospital - Victoria. My Avm is located at my left thigh
But I've relized lately new pains emerging under both my knees
And lower legs. I'm now seeing my surgeon in 2 days. After doing
research on the Internet I have now become even more depressed.
What my surgeon is telling is about 25% of what I'm reading on the
internet. I have now put up with pain embarrassment of my condition
For around 11 years. My first proplems were in primary school were
I got bullied emenceley. Before I was due for my operation I told the kids to stop kicking my leg, otherwise I will make you pay for medical cost. I also remember this kid saying " there is no way and get over it" - not the exact qoute. After my operation at around the age Of 7 my leg did improve. After a few years the real pain came out of it's shell. This pain I experienced was the wort pain I've experiend in my whole life. This was because the doctor thought I had varicose veins in my leg. After another 2 years I got an actual dianosis at the age of 14 . I got treated with the alcohol stuff - I forgot what the treatment is called. After 3 treatments I felt good but now pain is emerging again. I'm afraid that I'm going to put on weight again but most of all will this ever end. After all I've been putting up with pain for as long a I can remember. OMight be asking the wrong question to the wrong person but what is the point of continuing on?
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