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its great you feel confident an i hope you continue to feel that way even when you still have times when you don't feel as confident. maybe its just a old habit ? don't worry about it so much. we are only human.

sometimes i forget about my birthmark until i see a reaction from someone. but past couple days, i am noticed for my actions and not my birthmark. they know i am around helping and thats all people see right now. When attention is focused on me thats when i shield away moving away from media and vips.

what i am definitly no accostume to is dressing like a lady. LOL. i have a black cocktail dress i bought to attend the gala in NY and i am starting from now to remind myself i am a lady i have curves life is not all about jeans an vests and shorts and i can do that and remember to cross my legs properly and try not to blush with compliments LOL
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