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Default seeking SF Lymphatic Malformation specialist

Originally Posted by nickbar View Post
Dr. Levitin practices out of L.A. Have you been to see Ilona Frieden at USFC?
Thanks Corrine for your recommendation for a physician in SF. I heard UCSF was very good. I looked her up and I'm not sure if she can do LM specifically??

I had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Levitin in LA who recommended Dr. Vinuela at UCLA since my daughter (16mnth) needed to see an interventional radiologists.

At this time, my daughter is stable and will need an annual MRI to monitor the cycst in her chest bone. I'm just so nervous to do the 'wait and see' approach (since 6months old) and when we are ready to relo to SF, I want to ensure I have a specialist in line should something happen.
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