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Originally Posted by annina View Post
Here is an update of my daughter's segmental Hemangioma with some pictures. We started giving her Propranolol on April 2010 when she was 2 months old and she has not had any side effects. We are giving her 2mg/Kg/day and checking her blood pressure and heart rate once a week.
Over time we have seen dramatic results. However the H is still there and might affect her eye growth. Right now we are patching her good eye 30 minutes a day to prevent a "lazy eye".
I hope this helps!
does your daughter have a hemangioma above her eye on eyebrow too? thats where my daughter's is. i've never seen anyone else with one like hers' and where it is at. your little girl is goregous by the way. looks great!
Deep hemangioma on left eyebrow towards nose
Started propanolol Feb. 11th, 2010
Off of propanolol aprox. June 2011
Takes 3 doses per day at 1.3ml
2nd Weaning of prop. not a success back on it March 22. Only one dose of 1.3ml now- 19 months old Did Timolol gel for awhile, stopped, & back on - 4 years old. Off of Timolol -doesn't seem to be doing anything. Surgery was a success!!! April 2014
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