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Originally Posted by RsMom View Post
My daughter has the same hemangioma! I'll send Missy some pictures to post. She started propranolol at 3 months and is now 5 1/2 months. The results have been incredible! We tried topicals with very little improvement before starting propranolol. Her dermatologist said to expect to have her on propranolol for at least another few months.
It looks like she's doing great on Propranolol! My son has been on it for about the same amount of time as your daughter. It's controlled the hemangioma from growing, but the results haven't been quite as dramatic as what I see with your daughter. Still, I'm pleased with how Propranolol has been helping my son

He's currently on 1.2 ml twice/day. How much does your daughter take? I'm wondering if being on more Propranolol would help my son's hemangioma even more.
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