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Originally Posted by carii View Post
Thanks Kelly and JacobsMom! Our appt with Dr. Frieden is Monday Oct 4 so I will let you all know how it goes. I'm sending some pics to that email address as we speak.

It's so nice to have this forum, people just do not seem to understand these birthmarks. I keep hearing about how common they are, but people really do stare, point and ask what it is. It's so strange to me--I just don't think I ever would have done that!
I have no problem with sincere questions and I'm always happy to give information to strangers who seem genuinely sincere and curious. But I HATE when some people just keep on staring and make rude comments! Sometimes I'm mature and just ignore it. But other times, I just can't take it and end up saying something very offensive, like, "It could be worse. He could have been born rude and ignorant like you." I said that to a lady last week. I know it's immature of me to react that way, but on the other hand, I really do believe that it's worse to be rude and ignorant than to have a physical difference.
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