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Yeah, the questions and comments can be hard, and I worry about kids making fun of him when he's older. But for all the difficult people, there are some great ones. A few weeks ago we were at Peet's Coffee. A little boy came over to our table, looked at Julian's forehead and said "Ouch! Daddy, can we give him my last Elmo bandaid?" I sincerely hope I can raise Julian to be such a sweet and generous kid, and I told his parents so.

I do agree that most people re just genuinely curious, and that is OK with me. At this point I have a standard line about his temporary birthmark (I call it his bindi, my little Indian god) and I find myself giving the speech whether somebody asks or not. I guess somehow I feel the need to explain. I love my son just the way he is, so why do I do this?

Please take a peek at my photos, thank you Missy for posting above!! For some reason the first one does not appear as dark as it really is in person. He also has one on his butt, but that one is trickier to photograph!
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