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Hi everyone. I'm glad I've found this site. My daughter who has just turned one has had an hemangioma on her forehead very similar to that on carii's photo HOwever she also has one under her eye that is not visible on the skin surface but rather, this one is under the skin (looks like she has a black eye). An MRI confirmed this and since it's affecting her vision slightly, the Dermatologist is recommending she start on Propranolol to help reduce it's size and prevent any further damage to her vision.

My question is that most pharmacies compound the propranolol from tablet form. However the Doctor suggests that we go to a specific pharmacy here in Ottawa where the compound it using a liquid form instead of ground-up tablets. Has anyone heard of this difference? I'm wondering if it's worth me going out of my way to get this prefered type or whether I should just go to my local pharmacy...

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