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First, that would be the last time that I would use that doctor for anything. Secondly, do you have to have a referral for your insurance? If yes, then I would find a new primary doctor. You do have to have your child seen by someone that actually knows about CMTC. If your child experiences the things Becca went through her first winter it can be scary. Becca has been dismissed from her pediatric derm. at this point but will be seen by her again if we have new problems. We had figured out Becca's CMTC too. We had taken her to a regular derm. who then referred her on to the ped. derm. I know in our case Becca's family practice doctor is very careful with her. If there is a problem and she isn't absolutely sure why it is going on she sends her to a specialist. She always tells us that she would prefer to be safe since she doesn't know about CMTC and because it is so rare.
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