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Sorry to hear about the doctor situation. We have faced some similar things with our insurance. There is a great children's hospital in Sioux Falls, SD that would be much closer to home for us that could at least do some of Becca's care but we can't use them because they are out of network.

I have never heard of it appearing that much later. I have heard of it showing up a few days later.

Becca is having a terrible time the last few days. Her body temperature was so low this morning and her feet felt like they had been in an ice bath. I haven't been able to fill her up today. I am guessing she is burning a ton of calories just trying to maintain her body temperature again. It is much easier this year though because I have been through one winter and I know what to expect. Her poor little leg was so purple. I left her tights on after church today and just put her pants over the top (that is part of how we deal with CMTC in South Dakota during the winter!) Extra socks! Extra layers! Hopefully tonight will be warmer.

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