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Originally Posted by lrlt2000 View Post
My daughter is 10 weeks old and started Propranolol on September 13th, at just 6 weeks old. She has a H on the FRONT of her nose and it is just an awful place to have one: can you say "Rudolph"? It's the first thing on most people/children's minds, and one even said it.

I'm so glad I have an outlet of people who understand!

ETA: Our dosage is 2mg/kg/day. When she was in the hospital for monitoring for the first 24 hours, they started her on 1/4 doses, then upped to 1/2 doses. She stayed on half doses for three days, and then went up to the full dose. The pediatric cardiologist re-checked her after that first full dose, and she's been on the 2/k/d since (she takes it every 8 hours, so 3x a day).
Welcome! My son's hemangioma is on his nose, slightly to the left and it goes slightly inside his nose as well. It was a soft pink spot like your daughter's when he was born. In two weeks, it had turned bright red. I'm so glad you advocated for your daughter right away. I wish I had done the same instead of waiting for our first appointment when he was 2 months old.

Keep us updated on her progress!
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