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My name is Nikki, I'm a 26 year old and I have no idea if I am in the proper place. I have not met anyone in my life who can definitively tell me what is on my body. I have what I have always been told is a birthmark on my left arm, and part of the left side of my chest, side and back. I was born with it, though I have recently been told that when I was little my birthmark was only on my arm and that it was quite a bit lighter in color. My birthmark has always been interesting to me because I have never known anyone else with one just like mine. It is normally red in color when I am warm, but as my body gets colder, it turns purple and will eventually turn almost a midnight blue. When pressure is placed upon my birthmark, at the point where the pressure is concentrated the birthmark disappears almost completely, and it's almost a gradient fade as you move away from the highest concentration of pressure until you reach an area with no pressure where the birthmark appears normal. I have also recently developed two blister-looking growths that while forming were severely tender and would bleed profusely if bumped, touched, or anything really. I am looking for answers because having this birthmark has caused a great deal of stress and emotional distress, and has also made it rather difficult to acquire a job without having friends in positions to vouch for me. I would really like to know what I have been living with for 26 years, and if in fact it truly is a birthmark in the traditional sense of birthmarks. Thank you for any information in advance.
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