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Thank you, Pat! Actually, in the last week I've notice more of a deeper area underneath that superficial part. It seems to have gotten bigger in the past week. EEK! I prompted the docs to re-weigh her and sure enough, her dose of Prop went from .75 to .85mL.

We actually are also in contact with Dr. Gregory Levitin, a well-known birthmark doc and recognized by the VBF. He is the one who has recommended both Prop *and* laser, while our docs at Duke say no laser at this point. I'm planning to meet with Dr. Levitin if and when he makes it to our area (he's supposedly working on opening an office here, but it's taking forever!!)

So, the laser never actually opened her skin, it just zapped the vessels without damaging the surface of the skin?? That's what I'm afraid of--ulceration from the laser.

Thanks again! I'm going to try to push for laser consult.
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