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Hi lrlt2000,

So glad to hear you've been in contact with Dr. Levitin. There is no better expert on these things and if he recommends laser and Pro that is what I would do.

And no, the laser does not open the skin, it attacks the blood vessels directly. To be honest I can't really explain how it works, that's something for the doc to explain, but from our experience there has been zero scarring from these treatments. Also, they are very fast, don't require any anesthesia, and while they do hurt a little bit, our baby has never been upset for longer than five minutes after the treatment was done.

We also feel very strongly that the laser is the reason our deeper hemangioma hasn't grown since we began. Honestly I can't think of a reason not to do laser on a nasal tip H.

Anyway, best of luck to you. Be sure and post how things go as there are always others in the same boat.

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