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I just wanted to post and thank you all for your support. I have really been beating myself up about not pushing Julian's doctor harder, and your posts made me feel so much better. I will, in the future, speak up more for what I think is right, but I won't punish myself for not doing it earlier this time.

Also, thank you for sharing your experiences--knowing that it may not scar really gives me perspective on doing the surgery earlier vs later. I guess I was feeling it was inevitable so I may as well do it now, but now I'm thinking I may wait.

Julian is doing really well, though I'm not sure I see a lot of effect from the Timolol. It seems a little less red, but it could be my imagination!! It's only been a week, though, so I'll just have to be patient. I'll post some photos in another week or two and you guys can tell me if I'm just seeing things We will go back for a followup on December 15.

lrlt2000: I know what you mean about a bad place to have one, it's hard having Julian's right in the middle of his forehead. Sometimes I'm tempted to put a hat on him and then I think, forget it! I'm proud of him just the way he is. I definitely see such improvement in your daughter's H--she is absolutely beautiful either way but you must be pleased with the treatment.

JacobsMom--Thanks for the tip about the on-call dr, I wouldn't have thought of that. Are you here in the Bay Area? We're in Greenbrae.
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