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Default Hey I am new on here

Hey everyone,
I am a 24 year old with a birthmark on the side of my nose. It is not like it is huge, but I have always been self concious about it. Growing up , and even now people ask me questions like what happened to you? or what is that? And it always bothers me.
But I know that God made me for a reason just the way I am. I do think it has determined a lot of my personality. You know kinda shy and quiet in a new group or whatever. I am glad to see though that there are young people out there willing to talk about it.
To anyone who really struggles--remember that God loves you very much and He makes no mistakes. He sent His son to die for anyone who will believe. I was just studying about how God makes us for a certain purpose, and He designed us just the way we are for a reason. That kinda makes things like birthmarks seem not quite so bad, doesn't it......
Well, I hope this helps all out there. By the way, I am getting married in 6 months, so to those who were wondering about a soul mate..... you will find him/her.
just hold out.........
Write if anyone wants to....
Thanks ,
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