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Hi Ellie May!

I was born with a PWS on most of my right hand, arm, back, and chest. I'm 25 and have had over 15 laser treatments, from when I was very young till the current ones.

How have you been treated by others?
I was extremely blessed in that my parents kept me in small schools where kids accepted my PWS without question. Adults were & are the ones who asked questions most of the time. Entering the job market was when things got more difficult for me and I felt I faced obvious discrimination.

What did doctors say to you about your birthmark?
When I was a child they mostly talked to my parents. Once I got older they explained what may happen in terms of thickening, blebs, and bleeding. They also discussed the potential for lasers to work well or not.

Did you opt for laser treatment?
I was put into laser treatments from a very young age by my parents. When I got older (teens) I didn't peruse treatments after the dermatologist told me there might not be much the laser would continue to do.

If you did how did that go?
The lasering at a young age removed a few areas and lightened all of it. Recently I began treatments again after developing problems with bleeding. The Perfecta laser has had better results than the older laser.

Did you wear a burn jacket too?
No, never.
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