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Carii: I live in the East Bay (Pleasanton). I think we're lucky to have UCSF so close to us. Many parents live much farther away from a specialist. Greenbrae is somewhere near Marin, right? I was looking for a parents' group for moms/dads with babies with hemangiomas in my area but couldn't find any. I would like my 6 month old (as well as my 3 year old) to see other kids with hemangiomas so they know there's nothing "wrong" with it. Are there any groups like that in your area? As for the doctor on call-- yes, call them if you see anything at all that concerns you. They have all been very nice. The only thing is the message goes through the answering service and the answering service will ask you if it's an emergency. Sometimes the answering service can be rude. If you want an answer right away, it's an emergency. Don't let the answering service make you feel like you should wait.
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