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Default Nose tip hemangioma at philippines-Dr Hochman fly there once a year for H surgery

Originally Posted by ambetrp View Post
Hi Pat. Very cute baby!

We have similar case like your baby...

taken 1 month and 4 days

she is 3 months and 3 weeks now

Actually, it started with a red dot after a month, on her 2 months it became bluish and more visible. we consulted a pedia derma and she confirmed that it is indeed hemangioma but unsure what type it is. she undergone one laser session treatment last june 12 already but i did not see any improvement. her nose became evenmore bigger and darker. this coming saturday she will undergo another laser treatment. but i am unsure whether to pursue it or not as i can't see any positive effect. i am attaching two pictures here, one when it was just a red dot, about 1 mos, and one which was taken recently at 3 1/2 months. hopefully, her doctor is familiar with propranolol medications. I inquire in a doctor from texas thru email and suggested to have propranolol med. btw we are here in philippines, sad to say only few pedia derma expert here.
We are Malaysian.We went Philippine at National Children Hospital, surgery was doned by Dr Marcelo Hochman-US doctor when my baby was 8 moths old.My baby H is same as yours, you may watch it under facebook search for nose hemangioma or
NCH doctor told me they never do surgery for hemangioma and doctor Hochman had trained them up.I saw a lot of age 6-12 philippine children with big big serious H , their parents claimed they cant find doctor to cure them.Lastly, they met Dr Hochman.He did operation on 8 childrens per day for 3 consecutive days.He is great.
You may write to and write to them under contact page Hochman is the the chairman and he fly philippine once a year to do surgery on H.
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