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Default 5 month old about to go for Beta blocker treatment

I just discovered this site while searching for information for my daughter.
She has a hemangioma on her left breast which appeared about 2-3 days after birth, kept growing and is now basically 2 things: a bright strawberry colored mark about the size of her little hand; and underneath this is one that looks like a blue colored bruise but its raised like a bump you get on the head.

We live in paris france and were sent to a specialize because the bump appeared to keep getting larger and because of where it was located and the risk of it affecting her breast development.

The specialist told us about the discovery made in Bordeaux France on beta blockers. We are now signed to start the treatment in a hospital in france in 1 week. She spends 48 hrs in the hospital to ensure she doesnt have a hypoglycemia problem - then we continue the treatment at home.

I am finding very little information about risks to taking beta blockers. Surely there has to be some risk to taking a medicine like that. Yet there seems to be little info out there and much excitement in France about this new discovery.

Should I be worried about this treatment? Where can i find out more about how it works and any risks it might have?

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