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Default Does your port wine stain turn white?

Hello, I am concerned that my 3-week old baby son may have Klippel Trenaunay syndrome. We are going to see a specialist but it takes awhile to get an appointment. He has a red birthmark covering a large part of his left chest, left back, circular mark in the middle of his back, and his left arm and hand are covered as well. The thing that makes me think it's KTS is that his left arm and hand are puffier/larger than the right - about 1 inch difference of thickness last time I checked.

All the Internet research I've done on port wine stains says that they do not change colour when gently pressed, yet when I press my son's birthmark it does turn white momentarily then reverts back to the reddish pink colour. Does that mean I should rule it out as a port wine stain?
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