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hi there -
(Sorry for the misspelling and grammatical mistakes...typing fast here)
My daughter has LM (on her left cheek). we went to UCSF when she was 4 weeks old and had the MRI done when she was 8 months old. we were seen by their multidiscp team, including Freiden (dermatology) and Hoffman (plastic surgery). what we have found is that they are great for getting a multidisp view on the diagnosis of a birthmark, they are really NOT specialists in the area of LM. They see a lot of birthmark cases but really don't have deep knowledge of LM. You'll know this once you start drilling down on questions like how many pediatric patient under 5 have they TREATED (not just examined) with LM. what treatment did they provide, what was the outcome, etc, etc. The clinic is run by a dermatologist and operations provided by Hoffman (whose specialty is on clef lip / palate!). based on our research and many hours of conversations with experts in the field of LM, what we determined is that our daughter needs an pediatric ENT with experience in plastic surgery that specialize in vascular anamolies and lymphstic malformation. we went to also went to see the ENT folks at Mass Eye and Ear and Boston's Children's hospital...and talked with a couple of more MDs specializing in this field before going with Dr. Levitin (based in LA and NYC). He is amazing. My daughter (21 months old) just had her surgery last Friday (by Dr Levitin) and we're waiting for the swelling to go far so good! we are really glad we did the research and found the right doctor who have actually done the exactly the same procedure (not just once or twice but 25+ times!). if you want to chat, you can always email me, Jean: we live in SF. good luck!

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We might relocate to the Bay Area. My daughter (15 months) has macro LM on the left neck. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy and experienced specialist in San Francisco?? I did general research through google and USCF popped up and they seem knowledgeable about LM. How about Stanford?? Any referral would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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