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Default Intamuscular Hemangioma

I am a 30 year old male living in Missouri. I have a hemangioma that started in the bottom of my foot and has spread all over my foot and up all through my leg all the way to my hip area. Let's just say I am not winning any Mr. Legs contests, nor do I wear sandals! There is a bunch of pain with it. I have had several operations removing it, destroying it, trying to kill the veins feeding it, varicose vain surgery, along with tons of MRI's and other tests. A Doctor at the Mayo clinic told me that he could remove it again but it would grow back. The operations have had very minimal success in helping the pain as the scar tissue and operations cause enough pain by the time it is over the hemangioma is back. It is pretty crazy I run 4 miles a day and am very active although it does not feel good. I don't have a solution to it but can probably answer some questions on procedures and the success I experienced with them and would welcome any help as well. Who knows maybe someday I can wear flip flops!
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