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I think that lasers done by an experienced doctor could do wonders for the bright red color. If there is underlying deep hemangioma you probably won't see much of a change on that portion. My son had both superficial and deep portions. We saw great results from lasers on the superficial portion and then later had excision for the deep portion.

Best of luck to you,
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Thanks for posting such detailed accounts of your experience! Our 10 week old daughter has a NTH and we have been on Propranolol for almost 4 weeks now. There is little decrease, but no growth. The opinions we've gotten on laser are mixed. I'm not sure if maybe it was more appropriate in your case because it wasn't so big when you started. Now, our daughter's covers most of the front of her nose. I'm concerned that laser treatments might cause this entire area to scab and scar over, because the bright red part is so widespread

I'm hopeful from your story, however!
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