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Originally Posted by Aolmstead View Post
Does anyone know or recommend any good nutrition/diet for a child with lymphangioma? Not sure if there is such?? For example, any vitamins? special herb? vegetables? Anything advice on how to strengthen her lymphatic system??

Does anyone know if a child can eventually outgrow lymphangioma??

Thank you for any response. Appreciate it.
I have never heard of a special diet for LMs. I don't think there is one. It's a malformation, no vitamin or herb is going to change it. I think it's important to try to stay healthy, so that it won't swell when the person gets sick. But there isn't a diet to "treat it". The only treatments are surgery, sclerotherapy/injections, etc.

Lmyphangioma is very hard to treat, since it is hard to get rid of. The lymphatics are basically "clear", so it's difficult for a surgeon to remove it. As the child ages, the LM should slow down in it's growth, usually after puberty. Though it can continue to grow all the way through adulthood. I'm 21, so I only have personal experience up until my own age. I do think that I have less "problems" with my LM now compared to before. But I don't think it'll ever really "end". It's a life long condition or so I have been told. It might always be there, but it also won't always require treatment(if that makes sense). A person can go years without ever needing to do something for their LM.
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