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Originally Posted by hernandezrosella View Post
Yes am resting resting and enjoying may last week I thou have notice I can not lift my right eye brow but can do both at the same time. jaws are not opening up all the way so hard to eat an apple or hamburger opening wide is the problem put Dr. told me about nerves getting bump or something but should take a couple of months to heal.

I am 48 and this was my first treatment. Mine was only my right cheek and jaw line not the neck. But malformation can form anywhere it wants. At lest am older and could take the pain a lot better then an 18 months old it can be very painful. What are your Dr. telling you. I got scylerothrapy done. I hears the Dr say AVM they put a cather in my artery's and then the treatment. Not sure about the spelling lol...
Do you have an AVM or a LM? or both? The lymphatic system and the circulatory system are very different and react differently. I just ask because you said AVM toward the end of your post.
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