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I think you are lucky to have a PWS. I have a lymphatic malformation and have been through numerous surgeries. I've now been left with massive scars and still have the malformation there. I noticed new growth the other day. I think it takes time to get past the feelings of being very insecure. I think a lot of it is really in your head. You think all of these people are judging you, when not everyone is. Even if they do judge, their opinion should not matter. There will always be people who are rude, but you have to move past those ones. Hopefully they'll grow up and realize their comments or looks are unnecessary. I'm 21 and feel I have reached a place where I am finally happy. I think I look beautiful, even with the scars. I've found someone who loves me and we are planning on getting married. I didn't think I would find someone. I was closed off and used to always have my guard up. But when I let myself be vulnerable, I found the best guy. He is my rock. It might take some time to allow yourself to get to that point, but you have to somewhat force yourself to not think that way. Make body peace and learn to love yourself. Everyone has some flaw, so learn to love it.
what makes you different, makes you beautiful
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