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Becca's spot went away- who knows! I will tell you that the cold issues are much better the second year. With Becca we purchased a small heater for her bedroom and also had her sleep on a heated blanket under her crib mattress set really low. The The doctor told us the heated blanket was safer than a bunch of blankets. I know it sounds scary but it made all of the difference for her. We also had to dress her in layers. Being in South Dakota makes it worse. Becca wears tights under her pants during the winter and then wears either thermal underwear or long-sleeved onesies and tights under her pajamas. It all really helps. Last winter Becca did her best sleeping when we would come home from daycare. She would fall asleep in the car on the way home and then I would leave her sleep in her carseat, with her snowsuit on, and the blanket on top!
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