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Default Lympangioma in leg

hi there,

my son came up with a lump in his leg that we noticed at about 10 months of age.. over time it has grown a fair bit.. so much so that the last appointment we had it was 10cm wide by 4cm long.. (or visa vera.. i can never get those two right) then when we went back 2 weeks later it had grown to 12cm long and 6cm wide..

that is the first time that is has grown significantly in such a short period of time! it also came up with a rash, and as we guess he knocked it it was also bleeding on the inside which they are now worried about.

i really dont know much about Lympahgiomas or what type he has but they are saying that that is what it is.. we have had 5 ultrasounds and are going back for one on the 29th of this month.. they also want to book him in for an MRI which is kinds scaring me as he needs a GA for it.. he is not even 2.. and then im guessing we will see where we go from there..

its just scary because there seems to be a fair amount of information out there, saying all different sorts of things but i dont know anyone going through this

ive added 2 pics.. not the greatest of pics seeing as he wont let me take them! but the first you can see the rash and bruise and the second you can see how far it comes out of his leg..

is anyone else out there going through this? or would like to share some info on what im to expect next??
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