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hi there,

thank you for the reply i will definitely take him for the MRI.. which looks like it will be pretty soon after his next ultrasound. i freak myself out more being soo heavily pregnant and dealing with this (due next week)

they say that its quite deep but the thought of surgery is concerning because it does take up quite alot of his thigh like around ways.. and its quite deep.. just makes me wonder how much they will actually have to take away!

i cant seem to find anyone in the Perth, WA area that has dealt with this stuff before.. my doctor doesnt really know whats happening.. we are being refered the PMH and to see the plastics there.. but i honestly dont think they know much themselves.
we had photos taken so they could show the Vascular team and so they could have it on record for anyone else who came in with something like this so my guess is this is one of the firsts for them :/

i definitely want to look into different options before having to go for surgery
can i ask what macro-cystic lymphatic malformations are? like the difference between the cavernous is? i have done a little bit of reading and it seems to me that it is cavernous.. but im no doctor.. i guess once the MRI is done i will have a better understanding of everything.. i just wish it hadnt taken soo long for them to finally do something about it! its been about 12 months since i first took him into the ED!
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