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Default Eighth Laser at 10 1/2 months old

Our daughter Ouest underwent her eighth laser treatment with Dr. Delfanian last week. We had skipped the previous month as there hadn't been any change, but decided to go ahead with it this month.

The Dr. was very happy with how things have gone. For this treatment he turned the "power" down and she received less pulses. A week before this treatment we noticed that she seemed to be getting a slightly raised bump in the H, and now a week afterwards it is gone again. Right now we have just a slight purplish color and a tiny bit of typical deep hemangioma growth. Nobody else has ever mentioned her H to us in passing as it is so unnoticeable.

Anyway, at 10 1/2 months we are hopeful again that this may be her last treatment. We will continue to wait and see and go in for more treatments when and if we notice any change.


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