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Originally Posted by thisisme123 View Post
Well i'm 17 and I have a BROWN birthmark on the back of my right thigh. Luckily it is near the top so I can wear shorts but I always get paranoid incase my shorts go up a little bit and you can see it. It has hair growing out of it. Now I am quite hairy well I have hairy legs but my birthmark seems to be 10x more hairy!

Now being a lad, I suppose i'm lucky as we usually tend to wear jeans well in the UK anywho, so if I was a girl I wouldn't ever wear skirts, dresses etc. But I feel really horrible about it. I hate the fact it's there. It is about the size of half a 10 note, or dollar etc so it's like an average size. I feel for the people who have them all over their backs, legs etc but I want to know can I get this removed on the NHS? as I don't have any kind of money to afford it

Please comment back!
You can try getting a consultation with a dermatologist. Then ask questions about what options you have. Though having a birthmark isn't so big of a deal. I don't think any one really minds and if someone does, then it's their loss.
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