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Hello Janey,

I've seen Dr. Yakes once for the AVM in my right ankle, and am actually going back in a month for my next treatment as my malformation is rather large. As far as recovery time goes, for me it was over a month before I could walk without crutches, but I would imagine that is due mainly to the location of it, and not as much to the surgery itself. Personally, I am a little frightened to return as the it seems to me if the pain has changed at all, it might have gotten a little worse. This is, according to Yakes, something that happens occasionally, but he's confident that he can lessen my pain considerably, so I'm giving it one more try. I'm telling you this just so you can be aware that there is that risk. I've also lost the ability to move a few of my toes on that foot since the procedure, but if this treatment ends up working, I'll be more than happy to deal with that annoyance.

I know he is very highly regarded, and I hope to join the ranks of those who hold him in high regard, but I thought you should also be aware of the risks also.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck!

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