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Your daughter looks great. I have been checking this site for months and always come back to your post to check her progress.

I also have a daughter who was diagnosed with a nasal tip hemangioma. My daughter was diagnosed at 9 weeks with a nasal tip hemangioma. We noticed a "bruise" on the tip of her nose at about 6 weeks and thought nothing of it until it did not go away. When she was diagnosed her doctor wanted to do the "wait and see" method, and I allowed it for one month.

My daughters was a deep hemangioma, we never got the dark red appearance, just a blue-ish tint and it stared to grow. After a month of waiting (and growth) we went back to the doctor determined to get some kind of treatment. From all I read I really wanted to try propanalol. When we arrived the doctor said in that month he had gone to a conference and saw amazing results on some children with the use of propanalol. We were excited and scared but very optimistic to try it.

We are extremely happy with our decision, the "swelling" stopped immediately and the color improved. After just a couple of weeks we no longer had people ask, "did she bump her nose?", and she is a happy wonderful baby.

She is now 9 months old and you can barely see it. I think I only notice because I am looking for it. She will be on the medication through the growth phase I assume and will probably come off at the end of spring or early summer. Currently she is 17 pounds and takes 1.25ml of propanalol 3x a day.

I just wanted to post to give parents hope that one of the methods posted on this site can help their child.

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