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Default Re:Hey I am new on here

Hey Ducky,

I just graduated from college last Dec. I have a two year degree in Construction Technology.
How about you?

I went to school in Nevada, but just moved to Colorado last month. I transfered with my job.
Where do you live?

Congrate on the future marriage.
I do not now if you are aware but if you are planning on having children in the future at least you will not have to worry about passing your H onto them. Sinces H's are not gentic.

I am still single and looking for my soul mate. If I do not find her, owe well. I am still going to have children either way, even if I have to adopt them. I love children and being around them.
Sure children are the ones that ask the most about my face but they do not bother me because they do not know what it is because they are to young, they have not learned it in school yet. That is why I like to educate them so they will not be affrad of me, and maybe someday they will meet someone like use and he or she will not be affrad to make friends with them.

Well I hope to talk to you soon.

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