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Hey Carlos2,

Thanks for responding, if it was that easy I would just have it removed. I have been doing laser treatment for 14 years now and I still have more then 3/4 of my face and on the top of my head are covered with marks.
They can not do plastic surgery because of the risk of bleeding to death, because of my crated artery problem.
I have not ever had that good realationship with girls. Most of them where just friends, but I work thur it I guess.

I read your post about the advice, and what you should do is go to the left of this page, under resources click on find a physician and then go to your state and then find a doctor near you. These doctors now what they are doing otherwise they would not have them as a resource on this webpage.

Insurance,, you are just going to have to shop around for the best deal. I have always used Blue Cross Blue Sheilds, and they have always paid 80% of my bill after the deductable is paid off.

Good luck and hope to talk to you soon.

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