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Default further update

Thought I would update, on how things are going. They're not. Unfortunately because I have a possible csf leak, they cannot risk giving me the bleomycilin injections, I also have been trying to get treatment for the CSF leak
(headaches every day) One possible treatment is a blood patch. I had one in 2008 and thought another would be a good idea. however they are not prepared to give this to me either!!!! I am awaiting another neurologist appointment end of Januuary, to see if anyone on this planet can actually give me some usefull info on what is causing my headaches and a possible treatment. I am now at that point, that I really feel no-one can actually help, My Vm is continuing to get worse and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. My headaches show no signs of ever leaving me and am now so tired of it all.
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