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Default I have a Cafe au lait birthmark

Hi I'm 19 i have had a large cafe au lait birthmark my whole life my mom says it was smaller when i was born than it is now it grew larger and got freckels on it but was done growing when i reached about 5 years i have not had any bad experiances with my birthmark some people ask "whats wrong" with it but it doesnt bother me. Most people think its cool i'm sure i was teased about it some growing up but i dont really remember plus kids are going to tease you regardless if you have a birthmark or not. I love my birthmark and i wouldnt get it removed it makes me feel special to have one. Several of my friends never even noticed my birthmark for years even though it is visable and large. The mark itself is a light cream color but the freckels on it are much darker so people just think i have freckles and dont notice the birthmark at first. I think you should let your child decide if they want their birthmark removed when they are old enough to make a good decision i would have been very upset if mine was removed i would not want a scar instead of my awesome birthmark it's their body and their life. Make sure your child is confident in their own skin and they wont have any problems with "being teased" i remember being teased about my nose not my birthmark so it really is no big deal.
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