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I haven't posted on Becca for awhile but thought I would give an update. Becca has come amazingly far in the last couple of months. Her hearing improved and with that came a ton of new words. Her speech teacher is amazed as she watches this little girl now doing so many normal things. She is starting to make animal sounds and even learned "ho ho ho" for Christmas. She will be having a glaucoma test again in January. She does still struggle with maintaining body temperature although this is also much better than last winter. She is now starting to look at her CMTC. She grabs at her leg and turns her little foot from side-to-side and then looks at her unaffected leg. She is climbing up and down steps and on to the table (and the doctors told us a year ago that she might not crawl or walk on her own). At her last several doctor's appointment they have not detected the shunting in her heart which they tell me is a good sign. Just wanted to post a positive because I know how depressing it all can get sometimes. Merry Christmas to all!
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