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HI everyone, I am new to this site and just found it as I was looking for info on my son's marks. I wasn't told what they where from the doctor's at the hospital and my GP hasn't said much either. So I looked it up and it seems like my son has angel kisses or salmon patches. I am glad to see that they should go away and also they are not as bad as some of the photo's I have seen. He has a around red spot between his eyes and also has it on both eyelids. He also seems to have some small red marks on the back of his head but you can't really see them. The marks get worse if he cries and they become really red!! I would just like to say thanks for this tread and to everyone posting there's made me feel better knowing I don't have to worry about it anymore!! Will try and post a photo if I can work out how lol!!
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